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BLG CallCount

Are you complying with Reg. F’s 7-7-7 call volume restrictions? State law restrictions? How do you know?
Measure Compliance with
Call Volume Restrictions
Ensure Compliance With
Regulation F’s 7-7-7 Rules!
Don’t tell me you comply, show me!
BLG CallCount™ is the firm’s audit solution to measure compliance with call volume restrictions imposed by state and federal law (and client requirements). With BLG CallCount™, you can show your clients, regulators, and Chief Compliance Officer that your company complies with call volume restrictions.

BLG Call Count
BLG Call Count
The BLG CallCount™ Service includes:
Identifying all calls beyond 7 in 7 days.
Identifying all calls within 7 days of a live communication with the consumer.
Identifying any number of calls in any specified period of time.
Assistance converting metadata to the required format.
Delivery of a report identifying calls falling outside stated parameters.
Note: Service requires client to provide appropriate metadata related to call behavior.
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