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Announcement of CFPB Consulting Services with Ontario Systems

Bedard Law Group Partners with Ontario Systems

Bedard Law Group has exciting news! We are pleased to report that our firm has joined forces with Ontario Systems to develop and deliver a comprehensive compliance auditing service focused on your CFPB preparedness. This service will identify gaps and risk in your operation (Phase I), test your current compliance systems (Phase II), and deliver continuous improvement and readiness guidance going forward (Phase III). The three Phases of this service are independent. You choose the Phases that best meet your needs. These services are available even if you do not use Ontario Systems software products.

Unlike other auditing products in the industry today with price tags of $30,000+, our CFPB Consulting Services delivers superior value at half the cost. Our CFPB Consulting Services are tailored to your specific needs, on your timeline and within your budget. For more information on these auditing services, please view our CFPB Consulting Services Brochure. If you are thinking about CFPB preparedness, please contact me to discuss how Ontario Systems and Bedard Law Group, P.C. can help.